8-bit Pixel Art Quilt

I was chatting with Emzolv (https://emzolv.wordpress.com/) about blogging and such like and it reminded me that I used to post blog updates on my crafting exploits.  I had not realised that two years had passed since my last post on making Game of Thrones costumes.  On reading back through my blogs I saw that I had promised a blog on my 8-bit Pixel Art quilt (this turned into an epic project and what with moving house I forgot about actually writing the blog).  I did finish the quilt in April last year so I should probably share some photos of it and my experiences making it.

This project started as a way of combining cross stitch and quilting into one project with all the quilt squares being based on cross stitch patterns (or pearler patterns) which were found online.  Phil and his twitch community inspired me to create the quilt and encouraged me to keep going by asking for updates on the patches.  Some people asked for updates more often than others (I am looking at Dave here), but this did help me through and inspired me to finish the quilt.

The patches started off with game characters from my youth such as Sonic and Tails, ToeJam and Earl and Super Mario, and ended with more up to date characters such as Fez, Super Meat Boy and Isaac (showing how twitch has influenced my gaming knowledge).

The quilt was so huge (king sized) that it was hard to get into one photo.  The characters from left to right, top to bottom are; ToeJam, Earl, Sonic, Tails, Bandage Girl, Super Meat Boy, Princess Zelda, Link, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, Toad, PacMan, PacMan Ghost, Isaac and Fez.  I think the Yoshi patch was my favourite as he looks so happy.

All the squares linking the patches together were from my stash in an attempt to use up my fabric from previous projects (it did not even make a dent!) and I backed it with an old duvet cover (upcycling in action).  As the quilt was so huge I decided that it was easiest to buy a cheap low tog duvet to fill the quilt (as it would have taken a lot of wadding and I did not fancy machine finishing and binding such a huge quilt).  Buttons were hand sewn (probably not a good idea, there was a lot of swearing due to needles being accidentally inserted in fingers) to hold it all in place.  This quilt proved very useful when we moved to our new house in November last year as the heating was hit and miss, and it was nice and warm to snuggle under when watching TV.  It is currently on our guest bed so greets everyone who comes to stay with us.  This was a labour of love and I am so glad that I saw it through to completion (it took just over a year in total from making the first patch to sewing the last button).

Hopefully I will remember to post blogs more frequently again now (especially as I have a craft room in the new house, which includes a desk for typing as well as sewing).  I am sure Emz will also remind me when I have not blogged in while (a friendship which would not have come about if I had not been introduced to her via Twitch by Phil, maybe one day the Yoshi’s Island cross stitch will be finished too).