Game of Thrones Costumes part 2 – Jaime Lannister

As promised here is the second and final part of my Game of Thrones costume blog.   Phil also attended the party with me and following a long and busy winter of work he had allowed his hair and beard to grow.  We decided to use that to our advantage and prisoner Jaime Lannister was the ideal costume choice.  We based the costume on the following image


Jaime Lannister Costume

The key components for the costume were a scruffy cloak, a manacle, a severed hand, bandages, sling and boots.  I left Phil to sort out buying the hand and finding some boots whilst I hit the charity shops and got the sewing machine out again.

I started off with the cloak.  After searching a lot of charity shops in Sale and Stretford I eventually found some black curtains for £8 which were ideal for making the cape.

I found the following pattern online ( for a basic tailored robe which I adapted into a cape by removing the sleeves and rounding the shoulders to fit Phil. As it had to look tatty I was not too bothered about the finish so I decided not to bother with lots of seams and left all the fabric edges raw, and only partly sewed the back and sides, leaving about the bottom third unsewn (to make it looked ripped and tatty). I also made a clasp with some off-cuts of the curtain fabric and some Velcro to secure it in place.


Finished cape


Velcro clasp finish

The next thing that I needed to make was the manacle. For this I used two cuffs from one of Phil’s old shirts which I had already upcycled into a sleeveless tunic top.  I joined the cuffs together using the buttons of one and the button holes of the other.  The cuffs were then covered using the same curtain fabric as the cape and Velcro was sewn to the open ends to secure it around the neck.  The manacle also needed a ring so that our Jamie could be secured as a prisoner.  For this I attached an old pastry cutter to the neck piece using more curtain fabric. Both the manacle and the cape was pressed into soil before the party to make them look dirty and distressed.



Phil purchase a single hand off eBay for £2 which he then made look bloodied and severed by wrapping the end with some of the curtain backing fabric and dying it with red food colouring. He also dyed some of the backing fabric to wrap around his hand to create the illusion of a stump. The sling was also cut from some of the black curtain fabric to look like it had been torn from his cape. He purchased some black welly boots from eBay for £12 to complete the costume.


Severed hand and bandage

The rest of the look was created from brown eye shadow and red/brown lip stick to create a battered and bruised look.


The assembled costume


Jaime and Daenerys at the party

I hope you have enjoyed my mini series on costume making. This experience has inspired me to make more costumes in the future and we are now waiting for the next costume party invite so that we can do it all again.


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