Game of Thrones Costumes part 1 – Daenerys Targaryen

We recently attended a Game of Thrones fancy dress party for my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. I took this as an opportunity to get the sewing machine out and be creative.  The first decision was who to go as? I wanted to go for a dramatic transformation so I decided on Daenerys Targaryen as this gave me an excuse to buy a wig and make a cape.  I could also dust of my electronic Norbert the dragon to take with me. After some searching for a costume which could be easily recreated I settled on this one


Daeneys Targaryen

The items I purchased first were the wig and the cat-o-nine tails from eBay for about £5 in total.  The wig was then plaited to style it. I already owned some suitable boots and I bought some grey leggings from Primark.


Plaited wig

After the easy purchases the fun could begin.  This cape was made using a pattern for a woollen cape by NewLook, but I opted to use cotton fabric so it was not too heavy.  I purchased the fabric from my local fabric shop in their new year sale for £15 in total (for the blue fabric and the lining).  This was my first time following a pattern to make clothing so it was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  The cape probably took about 8 hours to make with much tea, cursing and sleep in between.


Fabric and cape pattern


Laying the pattern pieces out ready to cut


The finished cape

The dress was created from a dull and shapeless dress which was picked up for under £5 in a charity shop. I removed the sleeves, took in the sides and cut the front and back to shape.


Charity shop dress


Sleeves removed and sides taken in


Sides cut to shape


Cutting and seamed front and back to shape


Transformed dress

The day of the party soon arrived and I was so excited to wear my costume and be the mother of dragons for the night. I even tried to copy the original pose that the costume was based on.


Me in my costume


Me and Phil (Jamie Lannister, the subject of my next blog)

I hope you found this helpful and useful if you have a costume party coming up and want to create a costume on a budget. My next post will be dedicated to creating a beaten up looking Jaime Lannister costume (as pictured above).


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Hi all, my name is Laura, I love baking and creating. Currently my love is cross stitch but I am looking to develop some more practical crafting skills. I am also expanding my baking skills beyond cake. So watch this space.

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