Cross Stitching

I have been blogging a lot about my exploits in the kitchen but I am also interested in cross stitching. I started off buying pre-prepared packs but soon found that these were quite restrictive and Phil was bored of me stitching bears (I have done a few tatty Ted patterns and Winnie the pooh pictures).

So in his mission to broaden my stitching he bought me some software to design my own ( and told me to stitch something big to go on the wall. I thought about this and decide to select a photograph from my trip to Chicago when Phil was living out there. My Marina Towers picture was three years in the making but was worth it. I only bought a frame recently and it still isn’t on the wall, but it made Phil realised how long these things can take.


I have also dabbled in designing my own cross stitches for coasters,  including some of characters from Shrek for a friends 30th birthday and some of the Justice League for home.



I have also converted cross stitch patterns into cards, such as the two below for a friends baby and my sisters engagement.



I have recently discovered an online company that produce patterns which have embraced my inner geek but that is for another blog.


About craftylau

Hi all, my name is Laura, I love baking and creating. Currently my love is cross stitch but I am looking to develop some more practical crafting skills. I am also expanding my baking skills beyond cake. So watch this space.

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